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The DOEN foundation is partner of

Nina Tellegen, general director of DOEN foundation: ‘Through, neighbors can pick up meal at each other’s an so (re)connect with each other and get to know each other better. This will make people feel more at home and safer in their own neighborhood. Furthermore, Shareyourmeal contributes to prevention of food spoilage and stimulates healthy nutrition. The DOEN foundation thinks this is important and that is why we support this initiative with a contribution from the Nationale Postcode Lotterij.’


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What is on our wishlist?

  • Contacts at municipalities for Shareyourmeal in the neighborhood.
  • Contacts at the press for interesting stories about Shareyourmeal.
  • Companies who would like to sponsor Shareyourmeal.
  • Partners who would like to cooperate with Shareyourmeal.

Send an e-mail to Jan Thij ( when you can do something for us that is on our wishlist. Of course, you may also e-mail us if you have a good idea or tip!