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    I am Susanti, an Indonesian living in Netherlands who likes to cook. Indonesian dishes is my speciality BUT I also love to cook International dishes. Every MONDAY and THURSDAY I will be preparing different menu base of meat/chicken/seafood. And every. Curious what next menu? than follow me here in this site or by keeping my profile in your Favorite file.
    I have been living in different countries and traveling around Europe and Scandinavia, and I have always been curious and wanting to learn to cook the food of those countries I'v been living and visiting. So any Monday I will be preparing some of other culture dishes that I have been experiencing and learning, just as variation :)
    If you have a request but you don't see it on my menu?
    Does the collection time not suit your time? Do not hesitate and contact me on the number below. The request of your desire meal shell be placed 2 days before the collecting day. I am unable to cook on Friday as I have chess activity at my chess club.
    I also receive orders for home party up to 25 portions. I also have a catering set to keep the food warm that can be borrowed during the party. You can choose any menu you like for the party and I will make it for you :) Indonesian dishes? Dutch dishes? Chinese dishes? I am ready to make your preferences!0
    NOTE: No MSG (monosodium glutamate)/Ajinomoto) in my cooking.

    Beside cooking as one of my hobbies I also do portrait painting (oil on canvas), classic, free style and decorative painting, etc. and active chess member in Aartwoud.
    I live in Winkel, Noord-Holland
    My Facebook is: Susanti Henryati
    My YouTube channel is: Susanti's Channel, there you can see my cooking. There I upload cooking program once a week.
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