Terms and conditions

On Shareyourmeal you can share oven dishes, pastas and other culinary delights with your neighbors. With this virtual cooking square you can see what meals are being made in your neighborhood and order a portion of it. Of course, you can also offer your own delicious dishes. First read the general conditions mentioned below, before you start participating with Shareyourmeal. These conditions were last revised on November 5 2012.


1. Account  

1.1   To actively participate with Shareyourmeal, you need to create an account. Shareyourmeal will decide in their opinion whether or not you will receive an account.

1.2   It is important that you provide the right contact information to Shareyourmeal, because you will need to share and pick up meals. This means that the following information needs to be provided truthfully:

  • First name.
  • Surname.
  • E-mail address.
  • Phone number.
  • Street.
  • Home number.
  • Postal code.
  • City.
  • Possible remarks considering your address.

You agree that Shareyourmeal saves your personal information and uses it for managing your account. You also agree as cook that your personal information is provided to the foodie that comes to pick up your meal. As foodie, you agree that your contact information – name, e-mail address and phone number – will be provided to the cook.

1.3   You are not allowed to create an account for another person, unless this person has given you permission to do so.

1.4   You are responsible for maintenance of your account and the secrecy of your password. You are responsible for everything that happens due to others using your account, with or without your permission.

1.5   You can cancel your account at Shareyourmeal at any time. You do this by clicking ‘edit profile’ on My Shareyourmeal. On this page, you can find the option to cancel your account. 

1.6   An account on Shareyourmeal is not meant for commercial purposes. 

 2. Responsibility

The responsibility of Shareyourmeal and the cooks and foodies who are active on Shareyourmeal will be discussed below.

2.1   Responsibility of Shareyourmeal

2.1.1          The responsibility of Shareyourmeal is limited to the responsibility that comes forth out of its service.

2.1.2         Shareyourmeal is not responsible for the actions of cooks and foodies. This includes the preparation of the meal (hygiene), the price of the meal and how personal information is handled. Any responsibility for indirect and consequential damage, such as company damage, loss of profit, damage due to leaking of confidential information, of cooks and foodies is out of the question.

2.1.3          Shareyourmeal does not guarantee that the website is flawless and is not interrupted by technical problems. Shareyourmeal will do everything to repair any defects on the website as soon as possible.

2.2  Responsibility of cook and foodie

2.2.1          The cook is responsible for (the consequences of) their own actions. This includes among others the preparation of the meal (hygiene), the price of the meal and how personal information of the foodie is handled. If Shareyourmeal  experiences any (consequential) damage due to the cook’s action, the cook is completely responsible. Any experienced damage can be taken out of the cook.  Of course, this responsibility is disposed when the cook can prove the damage is not caused due to their actions.

If a foodie can prove that he or she suffered damages as a result of a meal prepared by a cook, the cook will be liable for damages provided that the liability is maximized to the price  of the meal in question.

2.2.2          The foodie is responsible for (the consequences of) their own actions. This includes among others how personal information of the cook is handled. If either Shareyourmeal or the cook experiences any (consequential) damage due to the foodie’s action, the foodie is completely responsible. Any experienced damage can be taken out of the foodie.  Of course, this responsibility is disposed when the foodie can prove the damage is not caused due to their actions.

3. Ownership

3.1   The design and contents, including trademarks, logos, images, photos and texts on the website, are intellectual property of Shareyourmeal. It is explicitly forbidden to copy, multiply, spread or provide these properties to others in any way without written permission.

4. Privacy

4.1   Shareyourmeal is bound to relevant laws and rules considering privacy. Shareyourmeal thus guarantees that your personal information is handled carefully. Only your profile name, street and city will be shown on the website. Shareyourmeal has taken fitting technical and organizational measures to protect other information against theft or any other illegal processing.  

4.2   For Shareyourmeal to function properly, it is necessary to send your personal information to the cook or foodie. After all, if you offer a meal, the foodie needs to know where they can pick it up. And if you pick up a meal, it is convenient for the cook to have some contact information such as your phone number, e-mail address and name. Providing your contact information to cook or foodie is always done discreetly by Shareyourmeal. Shareyourmeal is not responsible for how the cooks or foodies handle your personal information.

4.3   Shareyourmeal uses cookies on its website for measuring and analyzing the visitor statistics. Using your IP-address, for example internet traffic information and information about browser type and computer are collected. This information will not be used to identify you personally. A cookie is a small file with information which is saved on your computer. If you don’t want us to use cookies, you need to select ‘cookies off’ in your browser. If you accept the cookies, they will stay on your computer for five years, unless you delete them. Turning off cookies can limit the usability of our website and services.

5. Modifications

5.1   Shareyourmeal holds the right to make changes on the website, including the general conditions, without any announcement in advance. We advise you to check regularly whether the information on the website has changed.